Copresco Adds Two Kodak Digimaster Digital Presses, Three More on the Way

Copresco President and CEO Steve Johnson introduces the new star of its digital press lineup, the Kodak Digimaster HD 125.

CAROL STREAM, IL—February 14, 2014—Copresco has installed two Digimaster HD (high definition) 125 digital presses. Three additional Digimasters are scheduled for installation shortly.

“The new five-system lineup gives us the quality, productivity and reliability needed to handle the daily demands of our high-volume, fast turnaround plant,” said Copresco President and CEO Steve Johnson. Copresco offers a guarantee that 250,000 impressions will be delivered the next business day for each of its customers.

“After extensive research and testing, we decided to continue with the toner-based technology that has served us and our clients so well,” Johnson explained. A smaller toner particle size and improvements in imaging components result in enhanced rendering of graphics and halftones.

“We understand that many in our industry are touting inkjet printing, but we know that our clients are looking for benefits not processes. We spend a lot of time evaluating presses before buying,” he added. “Inkjet technology is progressing rapidly, and in a few years may be suitable to meet our exceptionally high-quality and heavy-volume demands. But, inkjet is not there today—and our clients need their work done today, not tomorrow! When a manufacturer can finally harness the inkjet process in a way that benefits Copresco and our clients, we’ll use it,” Johnson concluded.

The next order of business for the Chicago area digital printer will be the upgrading of the company’s color equipment. Copresco has won numerous awards for digital printing excellence in national and international competition.

About Copresco

Copresco specializes in digital on-demand printing of publications, books and manuals for clients in the general business, printing trade, technical and institutional fields.

Source: Copresco.

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