Continental Web Celebrates 40th Anniversary, Digital Expansion

“We’re delivering quality digital work, including highly-personalized 1:1 direct mail jobs, and gaining greater flexibility when it comes to accommodating customer requests,” said Field. “We’re now exceeding expectations in terms of our capabilities and often turning around jobs in less than 48 hours.”

Kodak also offered another benefit which Field saw as a main selling point for the NexPress Platform: upgradability. Any new NexPress press feature Kodak introduces to the market can be added as an upgrade to most previous machines, which helps to protect the printer’s investment and enhances the machine based on the needs of the company.

The decision to invest in Kodak technology was an easy one according to Field. Kodak had been a supplier to Continental Web Press since the company first started. Today, with two locations, the company maintains an extensive portfolio of Kodak products ranging from plates to platesetters and even workflow.

“We’ve always used Kodak Products and loyalty means a lot,” noted Field. “When you’ve been in a good relationship with someone for 40 years, the word ‘partner’ is quite important. The Kodak team has been there along the way to solve our problems and help us achieve our goals through top-notch products.”

Continental Web Press utilizes the Kodak Magnus VLF platesetter, Kodak Magnus 800 platesetter and Kodak Trendsetter platesetter for its web press printing. These CTP devices deliver high-quality thermal imaging, advanced automation and high productivity. Continental Web Press also relies on Kodak Thermal Platinum Plates to ensure imaging accuracy and Kodak Prinergy EVO Workflow to streamline prepress production through increased automation.

“Continental Web Press has enjoyed great success over the years by listening to its customers and addressing their needs head-on,” relayed Jerry Miller, Kodak’s vice president and general manager of US&C Digital Printing Solutions. “Expanding into digital printing was not only a great opportunity for the company in a business sense, but also enables it to better serve its customers. Whether customers request variable-data printing or high-volume, full-color applications within expedited turnarounds, the NexPress press will deliver the reliable results they want.”

About Kodak’s Commercial Imaging Business

Kodak’s Commercial Imaging business is driving innovation and change for customers in commercial, packaging and functional printing, and enterprise services markets. Kodak’s innovative technologies and solutions provide customers greater competitive advantage and return on investment.

Source: Kodak.

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