Computer Management–Proactive Management

Implementing computer management systems arm commercial printers with a key to unlocking print production bottlenecks—on and off the Internet.


Any printer will report that a breakdown in the communication process in any phase of the print production cycle can be debilitating. Printers, quite simply, do not have the luxury of easily absorbing workflow bottlenecks—from the moment a purchase order comes in, through the prepress and printing processes, to the second the product is lifted off the finishing room floor for shipment and the customer, promptly, is billed for services rendered.

Good news: There are a host of fine technology companies offering computer management solutions, including: AHP Systems, Franklin Estimating, Hagen, Logic, Meta Communications, Micro Ink, PowerQuote, Primac, Printers Software, Professional Systems, Programmed Solutions, Prograph, Tailored Solutions and others.

Even better news: Computer management systems are getting smarter, armed with more intrinsic features designed to make print estimates, order confirmations, change orders, job status updates and overall job tracking and trafficking more predictable and, even better, controllable. These solutions are also pinpointing the Internet, or rather, the Internet is pinpointing them.

One Internet case in point is Noosh’s recent announcement that it has added new system capabilities to the overall functionality of its Web-based print management service.

The new features are designed to expand the reach of the Noosh service and help customers streamline their workflow by allowing them to track prepress and direct mail jobs. Further extending the capabilities of the site, however, will be production management capabilities from Logic Associates, Hagen Systems and Programmed Solutions.

Combining the Internet with proven computer management systems the likes of this trio, and other computer management and job ticketing software powers, gives a distinct advantage to Noosh and similar Internet print management services.

A few questions arise . . .

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