CompuMail to Expand its Business and Improve Customers’ ROMI with Personalization and Dimensional Printing Capabilities of the Kodak Nexpress Digital Press

ROCHESTER, NY—June 21, 2010—CompuMail plans to help its clients create sales and marketing communications materials that are more effective than ever with the help of its new Kodak Nexpress 2500 Digital Production Color Press. Customers of this full-service direct mail company in Southington, Conn. will benefit from the advanced personalization, variable data and dimensional printing capabilities of the new press.

“Our clients will now be able to better support their sales and marketing channels by producing more highly targeted sales materials,” said Dana Rickard, President, CompuMail. “Our Nexpess Press allows us to custom-create each printed piece with specific messages and graphics targeted for each recipient. The ability to add texture to text and images will be the differentiating factor that sets our client’s message apart from their competitions.”

With Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Printing System, tactile characteristics previously unattainable with digital printing can easily be added inline to produce direct mail materials with a look and feel that truly sets them apart. Dimensional printing is achieved by adding Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink to the Fifth Imaging Unit of a Nexpress Press.

According to Glen Nemeroff, Operating Vice President, CompuMail, blending dimensional printing and personalization will maximize the power of direct marketing campaigns.

“The combination makes printed materials more effective in gaining mindshare. Before you can effectively communicate a message, you have to attract the recipient’s attention,” said Glen Nemeroff, Operating Vice President, CompuMail. “Our Nexpress Press lets our clients do that with high-quality, full-color tactile imagery that furthers the one-to-one marketing relationship. We’re excited to bring the magic back to printing and bring our client’s documents to life.”

To help market its new capabilities made possible by the Nexpress Press, CompuMail uses Kodak MARKETMOVER Business Development Services.

“We’re thrilled to provide such a valued customer like CompuMail with the tools and services needed to grow its business and help them assist their customers with improving response rate and ROMI,” said Bob Barbera, Director of Business Development Services, US&C Region, Kodak.

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