‘Competing for Print’s Thriving Future’ Book Published

PITTSBURGH—March 8, 2011—Printing Industries of America’s newest publication, “Competing for Print’s Thriving Future: Understanding and Taking Advantage of Emerging Economic and Industry Forces,” by Dr. Ronnie H. Davis, vice president and chief economist, Printing Industries of America, will help printers understand the future of print and how to properly take advantage of emerging trends to find success in difficult times.

“Competing for Print’s Thriving Future” provides readers with a plan to analyze key economic and management issues and turn them into a sustainable competitive advantage in order to compete for print’s thriving future. By focusing on the future—the emerging printing industry—the book helps readers look to the potential of the industry and not at the past.

“The key message of this book is that, contrary to all of the negative information about the current state of America’s printing industry, and in spite of the very serious challenges facing print at this time, there is still a lot of life and opportunity in print’s future,” Ronnie Davis says. “Indeed, a case can be made, and is made in this book, that print could undergo a reversal of fortune and grow long-run revenues in the foreseeable future.”

With 18 chapters featuring informative graphs; a ten-step process to survive and thrive; advice on social network usage; competitive strategies, tactics, and business models; and more, “Competing for Print’s Thriving Future” is an ideal read for those interested in the future direction of the printing industry and key success factors for surviving and thriving while moving forward.

“Competing for Print’s Thriving Future: Understanding and Taking Advantage of Emerging Economic and Industry Forces” (Printing Industries of America Catalog Number 1848, ISBN 978-0-88362-707-5) is $75 for members of Printing Industries of America and $99 for non-members. Purchase this title before April 22 to get a 15 percent discount. For more information, visit www.printing.org/bookofmonth or speak with a Member Central Representative at membercentral@printing.org, (800) 910-4283 ext. 770, or (412) 259-1770, or order online at www.printing.org/store.