Advice Worthy of T-Shirts –DeWese

Eighty percent of success is showing up. So said Woody Allen.

Damn, I wish I had said that. I think I’ll embellish it, and then it will be mine and I can make up some t-shirts.

My version would be, “Ninety percent of success is showing up with a little talent.” See? I changed it a lot. Look for the bold changes I made below.

Ninety percent of success is showing up with a little talent.” So sayeth Harris DeWese, 2011. Take that Woody!

Or, how ’bout, “Ninety-five percent of success is showing up with lotsa talent and a great sense of humor?” Attributable, of course, to the Mañana Man, aka Harris De-
Wese, 2011.

Now, I’ve got Woody Allen on his knees begging for mercy. And, I’ve got two t-shirts printed on a fine Pima cotton. I’m selling $30 t-shirts except, of course, for my larger followers who require more Pima to accommodate their extensive tummies. I can get $40 for x-large and even larger ones.

Pima cotton is also known as Egyptian cotton or Sea Island cotton. It is recognized for its luxuriant comfort and exquisite appearance.

Carramba! I’ve just raised the price to $40 and $50 for the big boys and girls.

And that sap, Woody, hasn’t even raised his landing gear.

If I was gonna list the top sales principles, I would put Woody’s right up around maybe number five or six. A great printer, the late Mr. Bernie Grossman, taught me his version of this rule when he recounted how he sold the Maxwell House coffee account way back when the brand was owned by General Foods—and way back when they only had two flavors, regular and decaf.

Right Place, Right Time

Bernie owned Laurel Printing, he was the lead pressman and was the only salesman for the company. He needed jobs to make the payments on the press, and to feed his wife and hungry sons. So, every Tuesday he would call on the General Foods print buyer, who also bought the staples, paper clips and sodas for the lunch room.

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