• 92 percent agree there should be a law that requires Websites and advertising companies to delete all stored information about an individual, if requested to do so.

• 63 percent believe advertisers should be required by law to delete information immediately about their Internet activity.

• The survey finds that Americans mistakenly believe that current government laws restrict companies’ rights to share and sell information about their activities—both online and offline.

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At Hauppauge, NY-based Disc Graphics, Richard Roth has been named chief strategy officer. He was previously with Queens Group and AGI Media.

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) recently named new members to its board of directors, including: Boris Bel, HP, Boston; and Rod Key, R and R Images, Phoenix. Other board members include Christopher Petro, GlobalSoft Digital Solutions, Mahwah, NJ; Larry Vaughn, Ideal Printers, Houston; Craig Curran, Nosco, Waukegan, IL; Francis McMahon, HP, Boise, ID; Susan Moore, Digital Printing & Imaging, Kennesaw, GA; Mark Sarpa, Progressive Solutions, Santa Clara, CA; and David Smith, Williams Visual Solutions, Chattanooga, TN.

Jessica Kruzel is the new graphic designer at e-Integrity, the e-marketing software automation division of Integrity Graphics, Windsor, CT. Michael Rego has joined Integrity Graphics as a direct mail specialist, responsible for New England. PI