Integraphx Changes its Name to Boingo Graphics

Indeed, visitors to Boingo Graphics will immediately be surprised by the office space with its bold orange wall graphics, bright conference rooms where you’re encouraged to write on the walls, and by Tiger and Lily, the company’s cats and chief morale officers.

Excellent customer service and quality have been hallmarks of this company and that will not change. Linda Kirby, VP of Operations, emphasizes, “We have changed our name, but not who we are. We’ve maintained the same ownership since we opened our doors. We have the same great service, same amazing people, and we’re still offering our core products, which involve putting ink on paper.”

Kirby also touts the company’s newest service, “In addition, to commercial printing, digital printing, wide-format and trade show graphics, we’ve recently started offering promotional products for the convenience of our customers.”

Company founder, Ed Nowokunski, offers his unique perspective, “When we formed this company back in 1979, we never dreamed how our industry or this firm would change in just three decades. We’ve never been married to the past and that’s been the secret of our success. It’s going to be fun to watch what happens as Boingo Graphics launches us into the future.”

Source: Boingo Graphics.

  • Joe

    You mean like the name of the internet access company. I wonder if their lawyers cleared this. See . A lot of folks will be surprised it is not part of the same company. Anyone doing a search for the new company is likely to get two to three pages of results before the printing company. "We need a truly unique name to differentiate ourselves as we expand." Then you should have chosen a more unique name.