ColorDynamics Adds Hybrid Printing on Web Press with Kodak Prosper Imprinting System

ROCHESTER, NY—July 26, 2012—ColorDynamics, a Dallas-based commercial printer, has purchased a Kodak Prosper S10 imprinting system to significantly improve turnaround time on direct mail jobs. Currently, the commercial printer addresses mail offline, a process that adds precious time, sometimes more than a week, to the direct mail process.

ColorDynamics has plans to use the system to significantly decrease the turnaround time required to apply addresses for a national retailer’s western U.S. direct mail program. Soon, the mailers will be able to be printed, finished and addressed in one step.

The new Prosper imprinting system will be integrated into ColorDynamics’ workflow so that it can be positioned and mounted on either its Harris M1000 eight-color commercial web press or a Harris M300 six-color commercial web press. The company will be the only commercial printer in the southwest United States with imprinting capability on a full commercial web press.

“A growing number of our clients are looking to print and mail materials locally to eliminate travel for press approvals and reduce the time from concept to doorstep,” said Chuck Chalifoux, president, ColorDynamics. “The new Prosper imprinting system will help us take multiple steps out of the process and, ultimately, deliver faster, more effective communications.”

In addition to addressing materials, ColorDynamics will also use the Prosper imprinting system to add bar codes, QR codes and personalized messages.

“It is essential that organizations maximize their customer data and deliver the most impactful and relevant communications possible,” continued Chalifoux. “Hybrid printing is an excellent solution—marrying the best qualities of both offset and digital printing.”

Inkjet printing inline with offset printing delivers a number of significant benefits, including faster job turnaround time, lower costs and higher productivity for high-volume imprinting applications when compared to sheetfed laser printing. The typical production process may involve printing direct mail shells on an offset press, letting the shells dry, and imprinting them on a laser printer. Hybrid printing eliminates drying time and enables imprinting on the sheets as they pass through the offset press, saving up to two days in production time.

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