CIP4 Standard–Digital Integration

The Job Definition Format (JDF) has added a new vigor to the CIP3 movement—changing the consortium’s name to CIP4, and forecasting a new era for CIM in an e-commerce and more automated printing industry.


When the CIP3 consortium was formed in 1995, the intent was clear: develop standards that would facilitate a completely automated and integrated printing process, from prepress to pressroom to postpress. Hence the name, CIP3—the International Cooperation for Integration of Prepress, Press and Postpress.

Easy enough. The mission was embraced by dozens of technology providers. Together, companies from Heidelberg to Adobe, MAN Roland to Agfa, formulated a new format, known as the Print Production Format (PPF). The specification is designed to enable printing workflows that reduce the need for repeated data entry. Most recognized as an enabling technology for ink-key presetting, the PPF, from the first version to its third, gained recognition throughout the industry.

Then in July of this year, something changed. With more than 40 members working in a joint direction for the betterment of the PPF, the CIP3 consortium announced on July 14th that a new format, which had been fast gaining attention and implementation in the industry, would now be a rising star for its own efforts to automate and streamline the printing process.

In a telephone conference call spanning three continents, the CIP3 consortium and the four companies that initiated development work on the Job Definition Format (JDF)—Adobe, Agfa, Heidelberg and MAN Roland—reached a final agreement on the details of handing over all rights to JDF to CIP3.

The result: CIP4. The CIP3 consortium changed its name, officially, to the International Cooperation for Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress, or CIP4. Immediately, work began among the collective technology members to start negotiations with other standards organizations with the expertise to work on extending JDF into areas such as digital printing and e-commerce.

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