CIP4 Announces New Leadership

WASHINGTON, DC—July 7, 2010—The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced the results of its election for Advisory Board representatives. The Advisory Board has three types of representatives, reflecting the three classes of membership: Partner, Full and Associate members.

Although open to all graphic arts companies, Full members tend to be companies that sell software and system to the printing industry. The Full member representatives that will serve on the Advisory Board until 2012 include:

• Rohan Holt, President of LithoTechnics Pty Limited (Australia)

• Keigo Shirai, Founder and President of Olive Inc. (Japan)

• Jacques Thiebauld, Chief Technical Officer of DALiM Software GmbH (Germany)

• Henny van Esch, President of Optimus Group Ltd. (The Netherlands)

• Patrick Vreven, CEO of GamSys Software (Belgium)

• Karl Williamson, Technical Sales Manager at Goss International (USA)

Williamson, a first-time Advisory Board Representative, said “My goal is to contribute my time and experience to the CIP4 organization to help foster the continuing growth of JDF in the industry. In this economy cutting costs while increasing efficiency is a daily struggle for printers and JDF is a key component in achieving this goal. I look forward to the next two years – learning new applications of JDF and helping to promote JDF expansion throughout the industry.”

Associate level membership in CIP4 offers a significant discount in dues, but is a class of membership that is restricted to companies that don’t produce software and systems, such as printers, prepress services, consultants, educational institutes and associations serving the industry. The Associate Advisory Board Representatives are:

• Dr. Mark F. J. Bohan, Vice President, Research and Technology of Printing Industries of America (USA)

• Stephan Jaeggi, President of PrePress-Consulting (Switzerland)

• Patrick Cahuet, Director of 1Prime|Concept (France)