CIP4 Announces 2010 Fellowship Award #Ipex

BIRMINGHAM, UK—May 23, 2010—The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced at Ipex 2010 the presentation of a CIP4 Fellowship to Henny van Esch of Optimus. As a CIP4 Fellow, van Esch has been granted a life-long membership in CIP4. The CIP4 Fellowship Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to the development of the Job Definition Format (JDF) Specification are both substantial and significant the integrity and function of JDF, as well as individuals who may have contributed to the industry’s adoption of JDF by educating manufacturers of JDF systems and JDF users and/or by actively disseminating information about JDF. The CIP4 Fellowship award is made at the discretion of the CIP4 Board of Directors with usually one Fellowship awarded each year.

Mr. van Esch has been involved with CIP4 since its formation, and through the years has been an instructor at numerous tutorials held by CIP4 for developers, and he has participated in nearly every interoperability event hosted by CIP4. Furthermore, Henny has served as the Chair of the MIS Working Group within CIP4 since its inception in 2003; contributing significantly to both the JDF Specification and the many Interoperability Conformance Specifications that involve print MIS. “Henny is one of the most active members of the technical working groups,” said Rainer Prosi, CIP4’s Technical Officer and Senior Workflow Architect at Heidelberg. “Henny’s contributions to JDF have been instrumental to the integration of print MIS into print automation workflows and JDF-enabled print systems. His sense of humor and way of approaching contentious technical issues has helped us reach solutions that all members have found acceptable and have become common practice at printing shops arou
nd the world.”

The CIP4 Fellowship was awarded to Mr. van Esch during CIP4’s Annual Members meeting at Ipex, and he did not know that he was going to receive the award in advance of the presentation. “First of all, I was totally surprised. I had no idea that CIP4 had decided to present this award to me,” said Henny van Esch, Director and Co-owner of Optimus. “JDF is an integral part of Optimus’ solutions and I have always found my time spent on helping to develop JDF well worth it. I always enjoy talking to new members and helping them learn about JDF, and many of the people I’ve had the pleasure to work with through CIP4 activities have become life-long friends. So I really appreciate that, not just CIP4, but also my friends and peers have chosen to present me with a CIP4 Fellowship.”

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