CIP3–Creating the Print Link to Digital Profit


The latest installment of Printing Impressions’ year-long report on CIP3 initiatives visits Vancouver, Canada-based thermal imaging innovator Creo Products, recently awarded a GATF InterTech Award for PrintLink, Creo’s digital ink key preset software that boosts operational efficiency by bringing CIP3 into the picture.

Beyond its role as a thermal imaging technology innovator, Creo is a member of the CIP3 consortium that developed the industry standard for exchanging information between print production devices.

At Creo, CIP3 is PrintLink.

How does PrintLink link?

  • PrintLink generates CIP3-compliant Print Production Format (PPF) files during platemaking that define ink coverage on a plate precisely.

  • PrintLink delivers these files via a direct digital connection to press interfaces like the Heidelberg CPC32, and CIP3-compliant systems from other vendors, which generate press-specific ink key preset data.
  • PrintLink exploits the accuracy of Creo’s SQUAREspot thermal imaging technology, which uses precisely formed square spots to create consistent, repeatable halftone dots.
  • PrintLink computes ink coverage from the identical bitmap used to image the plate to ensure unrivaled accuracy.

Available as a software option with Creo’s Allegro RIP workstations, PrintLink is configured by a simple dialog that establishes PPF file generation and routing for each plate type imaged by the platesetter or Trendsetter.

Once the system is configured, PrintLink requires no operator interaction. Besides indicating ink coverage, PrintLink’s PPF file identifies the job and plate, and describes the print form geometry. The latter information instructs the press interface to exclude slug lines and take-off bars from ink preset calculations.

To complement PrintLink, Creo has field-tested several press interface systems from various press manufacturers, plate scanner suppliers and ink delivery systems.

“Digital ink key preset technology will revolutionize the economy of printing,” asserts PrintLink Product Manager John Fowler. “The success of the methodology is a result of close cooperation among both competing and complementary vendors to ensure a high-quality standard for the entire industry.”

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