Customer Success with Anicolor Inspires ‘Performance Challenge’ at GRAPH EXPO

According to the late Dan Ellis, president of the company when these decisions were taken. “When we compared the Anicolor press with the available digital options, the choice was clear, especially given the likelihood of click and consumables charges amounting to tens of thousands of dollars per month,” Ellis said at the time. “You can’t argue with five-minute makereadies and a maximum of 50 sheets to contract color on a four-color job. That’s a savings of 350 sheets over a typical four-color makeready, and it’s a huge benefit to us in terms of client satisfaction and profitability.”

Care and Feeding
While C&S utilizes the Speedmaster SM 52 primarily for shorter-run work, it also appreciates the Anicolor machine’s availability for longer run lengths. The SM 52’s outstanding productivity is such that C&S also acquired a pair of Heidelberg Prosetter CtP devices to ensure it can satisfy the SM 52’s appetite for Heidelberg Saphira violet aluminum plates.

“You have to keep it fed,” Barongi said, adding that he currently runs the SM 52 Anicolor “full out” for one 10-hour shift per day, four days per week, averaging 56 makereadies per week. “With makeready on the SM 52 Anicolor at 50 or less sheets, the savings already are huge. Most of the time, however, the Anicolor is producing good sheets after only 10-15 sheets.”

In return for proper care and feeding, the Anicolor press is capable of astonishing feats of speed and productivity, Barongi said, citing a recent order for 350 Mass cards to be delivered in time for a memorial service set for 2 p.m. the same day the order was received.

“The order came in at 9 a.m.,” Barongi recalled. “We had the job proofed and on press by 9:20 a.m. and were able to deliver the Mass cards by 11 a.m., three hours ahead of schedule.”

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