Customer Success with Anicolor Inspires ‘Performance Challenge’ at GRAPH EXPO

KENNESAW, GA—September 13, 2012—“At first I laughed,” said Tony Barongi, plant manager at C&S Press in Orlando, FL, when the benefits of Heidelberg’s Anicolor press technology originally were presented to him. “Ten-sheet makereadies? You had to show me. Then we brought our own jobs to a demo and became true believers.”

Heidelberg’s groundbreaking Speedmaster 52 Anicolor press will take center stage during demonstrations in booth 1214 at GRAPH EXPO 2012. Throughout the show, twice daily presentations of the “Anicolor 30-Minute Performance Challenge” will show printers how Anicolor technology can help printers give their customers what they expect: perfect offset quality at “digital” prices.

“Heidelberg’s Speedmaster 52 Anicolor press looks like a conventional press, but is actually a digital press that uses ink instead of toner, and minus the click and consumable charges,” Barongi said. “It’s the best investment we’ve ever made.”

The Speedmaster 52 Anicolor, to be presented at GRAPH EXPO in a five-color configuration with aqueous coater, features a unique, zoneless, short-inking unit with dampening system that makes the press cost-competitive with digital devices in quantities as small as 200 impressions. Operating with near-zero makeready waste—10-15 sheets is typical—this groundbreaking machine can be ready to print to contract color almost as soon as the plates are in place. During each 30-minute “Performance Challenge,” one Heidelberg operator will complete between six and eight separate jobs.

“A Huge Benefit”
C&S Press’ experience in the four years since it bought a four-color Speedmaster SM 52 press with Anicolor inking unit has done nothing but underscore the press’s value to the firm.

“We did well through the recession because of the Anicolor,” Barongi said. “Had we proceeded with our original plan to move from small-format work into an overcrowded 40˝ market at a time when job volumes and run lengths were shrinking rapidly, it would have been much a different story. The SM 52 Anicolor has enabled us to thrive in our small-format niche without acquiring a digital press.”

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