Closed Canadian Printing Facility Cries Foul

TORONTO—A printing plant owned by Vertis has been shut down in Fort Erie (Stevensville), Ontario, leaving the staff without jobs or compensation. About 100 members of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) Local 425G in the Niagara region have just learned of the closure and are confronting the company’s reported refusal to pay out termination and severance, required under Canadian law.

“A company does not have the right to shut down without notice or compensation for the employees that have worked for them, many for most of their lives,” said Dan Wickson, president of Local 425G.

The Stevensville plant is one of three that were not included in the purchase of Vertis by Quad/Graphics, the union said. It was the only Canadian plant owned by U.S.-based Vertis.

“The union is demanding that the company pay its legal and moral obligations to these long-standing employees who have built the company over decades,” said Kim Ginter, CEP vice president for the Ontario region.

CEP, which represents the employees, is currently in discussions with legal counsel, the town of Fort Erie and its development agency, as well as the local member of Provincial Parliament.

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