California Kidnapper Was a Printer

ANTIOCH, CA—08/28/09—The man who allegedly kidnapped 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard, held her in captivity for 18 years and fathered two girls with the victim, owned a small printing operation, according to several sources.

Phillip Garrido, 58, provided several businesses in the Pittsburg, CA, area with business cards and occasionally visited those customers with the children in tow, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported. Dugard actually did the design work for Garrido’s small printing company, real estate agent Deepal Karunaratne told CBS-TV 5 in San Francisco. Karunaratne told CBS 5 he was often at Garrido’s house and interacted with Garrido’s wife, Nancy, and the kids.

Karunarante told Printing Impressions that Garrido’s business was called Printing 4 Less. This is not to be confused with the Montana printer with a similar name.

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