Business Applications for Printed Electronics

Clearly things are now very much on the move. Indeed, in 2009, several leading consumer goods companies have set up multidisciplinary teams to explore how these new technologies can enhance brands in many ways. Packaging and promotional material that employs such moving images, sound, electronic enclosures as rewards and so on will make today’s versions look very tired indeed. Consequently, venture capital continues to be available for this sector despite the recession with companies such as Somark Innovations (printed RFID), PolyPhotonix, Polymertronics and Novaled (all organic light emitting diode displays (OLEDs)) all raising multi-million dollar sums this year.

Printed Electronics Europe

The largest conference on printed and potentially printed electronics, called “Printed Electronics Europe” is in Dresden, Germany on April 7-8th. Following record attendance of nearly 700 delegates and well over 50 exhibitors at its equivalent event in Silicon Valley in December 2008, this IDTechEx conference covers all the above topics and more. See how new printed flexible transistor circuits, sensors, displays, lighting and other forms are being commercialised now and in the very near future. The IDTechEx conference, “Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon” takes place at the same time and place. This conference maps the launch of many forms of flexible solar cell designed for replacing everything from power stations to batteries, but also making totally new things possible in e-packaging, skin patches delivering drugs and mobile phones and laptops that will never have flat batteries.

Sessions on Healthcare and Bionic Man, Smart Substrates and Stretchable Electronics for Clothing illustrate the new paradigm. Indeed, Markus Klann will speak on “Printed Electronics – weird stuff: how people migt come to use, hate, break or love it.” Other talks cover imminent use in games, books, billboards, apparel, medical disposables, transport, consumer goods and more; everyone interested in these sectors should attend to see their future. Attendees will even see several ways in which these magic films can be made invisible, whether they produce power, process data, display, sense or, when needed, display moving colour images or illuminate.

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