Budco Continues to Expand Its Digital Print Capabilities

HIGHLAND PARK, MI—July 11, 2011—Budco, a leading fulfillment and direct marketing organization, has enhanced its digital print production and finishing capabilities by increasing the maximum sheet size the shop can process and adding the option of UV coating for digitally printed pieces.

Budco’s Xerox iGen4 digital presses now have a maximum sheet size of 14.33×26″, offering the capability for larger output, as well as the ability to better optimize step-and-repeat printing for multiple smaller pieces.

“Our sophisticated digital production printing already incorporates things like automatic makeready and collation, on-press proofing, built-in intelligence to maintain color fidelity and registration, and the ability to mix stocks within a run,” said Rob Hyman, Budco executive vice president of operations. “Now, with our expanded sheet size capability, we can offer our clients a wider range of cost-effective output options.”

The addition of UV coating, including the ability to apply spot varnish, provides the option to produce higher-quality, more durable digitally printed pieces, especially beneficial for direct mail, point-of-purchase displays and high-touch or heavily used sales and marketing materials.

“Expanding our print production and finishing capabilities are in direct response to meeting the ever changing needs of our clients. We are excited about being able to offer expanded solutions using our in-house resources,” said Hyman.

About Budco
Budco is a leading fulfillment and direct marketing organization headquartered in Highland Park, Michigan. As The Dialogue Company, Budco helps clients build strong relationships with business and consumer audiences by facilitating ongoing, two-way communication. Founded in 1982, Budco applies a suite of in-house resources to develop and execute innovative, end-to-end business solutions, delivering results that drive client success. Primary industry segments include automotive, pharmaceutical, health care, retail, travel and leisure and consumer packaged goods.

Source: Budco.

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