Boston Print Buyers to Host a Night at the Museum…of Printing

CHESTNUT HILL, MA—February 10, 2010—Boston Print Buyers (BPB) will host a special social event on Wednesday, April 14th, at the Museum of Printing in North Andover, MA. Attendees will be treated to a tour of the Museum while mingling with other industry professionals and enjoying drinks and light refreshments.

For print buyers, creatives, and other industry professionals who haven’t seen the likes of strike-on typesetters, phototypesetters, hand-fed letterpresses, engraving presses, and roto-gravure equipment, the 25,000-square-foot Museum holds print manufacturing treasures that date back hundreds of years.

“The Museum is one place that everyone associated with the graphic arts industry will appreciate – and remember. The collection is mind boggling. You really get a sense of where we’ve been and how much technology has changed,” said BPB founder Margie Dana.

The Museum of Printing is a nonprofit organization dating back to 1978. It was established to save printing equipment as well as library materials associated with arcane technologies, as noted on the web site at

A variety of events are held at the Museum year-round, including special exhibits, lectures, bookmaking workshops, and an annual Printing Arts Fair.

Boston Print Buyers’ “Night at the Museum” event is an opportunity for print buyers and creatives to network with one another and take a leisurely tour of the Museum.

This special event runs from 5:30 – 8:00 pm on April 14th. Online registration is available at The registration fee is $10. Everyone is invited to attend.

About Boston Print Buyers

A Division of Print Buyers International (PBI), LLC, Boston Print Buyers (BPB) is an independent association that caters to professionals who purchase or influence the purchase of printing services. New England’s leading source of print buying information and education, BPB attracts senior-level professionals who are interested in expanding their scope and understanding of the rapidly changing printing industry. For additional information, please visit or send your inquiries to

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