BINDERY matters

Stitcher Added to Get Competitive Edge

INDEPENDENCE, MO—Post Press Specialties recently purchased a Vijuk 321-T saddlestitcher from Vijuk Equipment. Owner Andy Humble, plant manager Jacob Bagnell and estimator Bowen Griffitt believe the new stitcher will help them become more competitive in the Kansas City market.

Equipment Makes the Cut in Reno

RENO, NV—Employees at Registered Ink gather in front of their new Polar-Mohr System 2+ automated cutting system. The medium-sized commercial printer has more than doubled in size, sales volume and capacity since owners Bill and Melissa Gillis purchased the former Herth Printing in 1999. The shop’s bindery also features a new Polar PM4-ABV automatic pile turner with air and jogger, a Polar 92ED fully computerized airbed cutter and a Stahl B20 folder.

New Book Binding Process Is Patented

NASHVILLE, TN—Book manufacturer BindTech Inc. has developed a patented process called Smart Guard. This process allows BindTech to completely conceal an EM, RFI or RFID device in the board of a hard-cover book during the manufacturing process.

This will help automate checkouts, track inventory and control theft. Inserting the device during manufacturing eliminates the after-market cost of applying the tags by hand to the outside or end-leaves of the book.

By concealing these devices in the board, the possibility of the tags covering copy, falling off or being deliberately removed are also eliminated. The process is said to be extremely economical and cost-effective to manufacture during the binding process. Smart Guard can also be used in conjunction with other products using chip board, such as game boards, ring binders and slipcases.

Inserters Keep Pace At Direct Mailer

TRENTON, NJ—Direct Group (DG), a provider in the high-volume, time-sensitive segment of the direct mail industry, has purchased 30 new Challenge C-15 high-speed inserters from Service Solutions Group, Columbus, OH, to meet customer demands for increased direct mail production capacity.

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