Best Value Copy: Masters of Digital Printing

The Best Value Copy executive team includes Robert Stokvis, founder and chairman; and his son Mark Stokvis, vice president of sales and marketing.

Press operator Susan Winters reviews a proof that was printed on Best Value Copy’s Xerox iGen3 digital press.

Starting a Web-based business four years ago has been the right move for New York-based digital printer Best Value Copy, the online division of Red Rose Document Solutions. Founded 23 years ago, Red Rose Document Solutions started off as a legal copying and scanning business that produced work for law firms, as well as printing various short-run commercial jobs for clients in the New York Metro area.

As many long-time customers began to discontinue their printed jobs as their jobs migrated to the Web and no longer were being produced on paper, founder Robert Stokvis, and his son Mark Stokvis, vice president of sales and marketing, decided to create an Internet printing company, Best Value Copy, to offset the decline in their traditional print-on-paper business.

“We used to produce jobs for large pharmaceutical companies, such as reports, doctor’s medical questionnaires, as well as directories, and all types of manuals,” recalls Robert Stokvis. “Once those customers stopped ordering those jobs, we knew we had to adapt our business to compensate for that loss in business.”

Since its outset four years ago, Best Value Copy now offers a wide range of on-demand printing services through its Website. That work includes short-run, black-and-white and color digital jobs in a 24/7 printing operation with a full in-house bindery. Products include flyers, newsletters and bulletins, manuals, brochures, business cards, prospectuses and postcards. The company still produces work for the legal market, including copying and scanning services, as well as coding documents typically employed during the discovery stage in lawsuits.

Embracing an online business model has also helped Best Value Copy reach geographical regions beyond the New York metropolitan area. The company now serves thousands of customers across the country. According to Robert Stokvis, operating a Web-based business is also enabling his company to serve a variety of vertical markets—far more diverse than handling law firm jobs or typically larger digital print jobs that Red Rose Document Solutions had produced for years. On any given day, orders come in from corporations, governments, universities, religious organizations and clubs, as well as from individuals printing various types of personal items.

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