AVT/GMI Present Next Generation Color Control Solutions

• New, intuitive, easier to use, touch screen operation interface

• New, faster color control workflow, shortens make ready waste and time

• New Print Condition view that clearly shows the operator which print characteristics are in or out of tolerance – driving fast operator corrective action

• A Tone Value view that graphically reports on all the critical factors needed to check conformance to the new, TVI-based print standards

• New Setup views that easily execute changeovers of Targets and Tolerances to support faster make readies and “hybrid” production

• A Color Conformance view for the spectral data, which also displays crucial L*a*b* parameters in a single view for fast and intuitive color evaluation

• Updated CIP 3 / 4 Preview that speeds up the ink presetting cycle while improving the accuracy and reliability of presets

• New, highly flexible hardware and software that adapt to modern press rooms.

The system is easily set up for today’s duplex and triplex press lines. ColorQuick/Clarios color control stations can be placed in multiple locations; while, when needed, multiple webs may be monitored and controlled from a single, central operator workstation
ColorQuick / Clarios is based on the unique and proven in-line spectrophotometer technology that delivers the industry’s most accurate, traceable, ISO-standard spectral measurements including CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*C*h, plus detailed 10nm spectral reflectance values for every measurement (with the optional spectral reporting module).

Microcolor / Mercury
The next generation Microcolor / Mercury platform updates the proven accuracy of GMI’s patented digital servomotors with a graphical, fully touchscreen workstation for digital remote ink control. All critical activities for setting and controlling inking can be performed with a few touches of the color display:

• Preview CIP ink profile pre-sets

• Set all keys on the press in seconds

• Inspect key profiles for all inkers, side by side