Automated Solutions Network Event Set for June in Toronto

When speaking about the newest additions to their JDF workflow, Ampersand Printing President Mike McDonald had this to say: “The Hiflex JDF data slips right through to our new Mitsubishi press, allowing our operators to achieve amazing make-ready times. We have been able to accomplish times as low as 6 minutes under the right conditions. This is an amazing accomplishment compared to our old press, sometimes saving an entire hour of preparation. None of this would be possible without the Hiflex MIS System and its JDF data. The assistance provided by the JDF information basically functions as an additional member of the press crew.”

Real Results
It is not uncommon for printers to think that JDF is all hype with no tangible results, but it becomes quite difficult to refute the money saving potential of an automated workflow when it happens right in front of your eyes. The only way to confirm the claims that have been made by software and hardware providers is to see it in action.

Included among the plethora of advantages that Ampersand has obtained from the Hiflex MIS & Web2Print JDF workflows are increases in automation, efficiency to production, value added, and time savings. The Hiflex MIS system alone has allowed the company to more accurately track historic data, plan production more quickly and accurately, and drastically reduce human error; among a long list of other benefits.

The Automation Solutions Network Event was designed to show printers the advantages of JDF and help improve the processes of every printer willing to take the next evolutionary step in workflow. Speak with industry experts and real JDF users to see how a JDF workflow could be making your business more efficient.

About CIP4
CIP4 brings together vendors, consultants, and end-users in the print communications, graphic arts industry, and associated sectors, covering a variety of equipment, software, peripherals, and processes. Members participate in focused working groups to define the Job Definition Format (JDF), PrintTalk, and other standards relevant to process automation; to study user requirements; to test product interoperability; and to develop a range of JDF software development tools. Information on CIP4, including membership details, is available from the organization’s website: Or contact: Stefan Daun, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, +49 6151 155 575, All content and ideas submitted to the CIP4 user groups and intellectual property rights subsisting therein shall become the exclusive property of CIP4.

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