ASPs–Solving Age-old Problems

Looking for a way to develop a larger client base, communicate better with your clients and cut the cost of your consumables? Dotcom companies may be the answer for which you’ve been searching.


The dotcom companies—they’re everywhere. The sheer number of print-oriented e-commerce sites can be a confusing and, frankly, a maddening experience when you are trying to figure out how the emerging dotcom world will benefit you. Never fear: We’re here to help. In the second part of our on-going series on e-commerce companies for the printing industry, Printing Impressions takes a look at three age-old problems faced by three printers, and how three new dotcom companies are helping to solve them.

The Problem:
How does a printing company rebuild its client base after one of its largest client picks up and moves to Mexico?

Two and a half years ago, this was the dilemma facing Nationwide Golf & Printing, located in Fayetteville, NC. This $2.5 million company lost about 55 percent of its business when Black & Decker sold part of its housewares business and relocated the rest of its operation to Mexico—taking Nationwide’s contract to print their housewares product guides with them, remembers Mike Wilkerson, sales and marketing manager for Nationwide.

Nationwide executives knew they needed a new sales strategy if they were going to reach their goal of returning to the $3 million mark by 2001.

The Solution: is one of the tools that Nationwide is using to climb back on top, Wilkerson reveals. is an open auction site for printing on the Internet, explains Bob Rose, president of “We’re a dating service. We connect a printer and a buyer. Then we step back from the transaction.”

It’s this kind of connection that is helping Nationwide rebuild its client base, Wilkerson reports. “We’ve been bidding actively, and we’ve done pretty well so far. It has been a great benefit to us. It enables us to keep the presses running—and any hours that the presses aren’t running means we are losing money.”

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