Book Dazzles Readers With Disappearing Ink

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA—To launch its new authors into the market, independent bookstore and publisher Eterna Cadencia decided to try a different approach by creating “The Book That Can’t Wait.” The publisher printed an anthology of the best new Latin American authors using an ink that disappears when it comes into contact with light and air—two months after readers open it.

According to Eterna Cadencia, hundreds of people came to the bookstore to pick up their copies—giving away the entire first edition the same day it was released. The store has since received thousands of requests for the book.

Seeing the success of this endeavor, Eterna Cadencia also has plans to use the book as a platform for other titles.

  • rick6759

    This is the most rediculuous thingIi have ever heard of. A shame to spend good money on a book that looses its content after 2 months. A waste of time and money.

  • John Ehlers

    One of the most unique and creative calls for action that I have ever seen!