AMS Introducing a High-Speed LED UV System for Sheetfed Offset Presses

With AMS Titanium, printers can replace conventional sheetfed interstation or end-of-press UV lamp modules outright with LED UV units through an innovative adapter, and can also introduce, and even interchange one or more low energy, ozone-free standard UV lamp modules in specific locations on a press if required to preserve compatibility with the entire range of existing UV ink and coating chemistries available on the market.

“For the first time in sheetfed offset, we are providing printers an opportunity to completely specify high-performance LED UV drying units on a press, or to replace their existing UV interdeck and delivery cassettes outright LED units without concerns about cost, performance or availability of inks and coatings” said Hans Ulland, executive vice president of AMS. “Our extensive work on this technique with early adopters, ink partners and press makers has been nothing short of remarkable, and it will change the landscape of UV printing for many years to come.”

Extensively Tested

Prior to releasing the Titanium platform and the AMS LED UV drying system for general availability, two years of extensive reliability testing took place with early production adopters and testing partners in order to prepare the system for the rigorous, non-stop demands of full market availability. As solid-state technology, an extremely long operating life is possible from LED UV curing modules, and the sub-systems needed for ensuring reliable thermal management to the LED chips were carefully engineered to make this a reality.

The AMS LED UV system was ruggedly designed to even fit seamlessly alongside conventional UV units if required, and they carry the highest level of quality, durability and trouble-free operation available.

All typical sheetfed UV production scenarios have been established with AMS LED UV. From four/four perfecting without marking, heat or cylinder jackets, to multicolor interdeck wet or dry-trapping, to inline coating from flood gloss to strike-through effects, and from coated stocks to uncoated papers to synthetics, the AMS Titanium LED UV system is delivering results that surpass even the highest quality multi-lamp conventional UV printing systems available today.

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