Allegra Network Facilitates $3+ Million Deal

NORTHVILLE, MI—April 26, 2010—Allegra Network has leveraged its renowned MatchMaker Program to facilitate a $3 million sale, purchase and rebranding of a successful independent printing business. It recently helped George and Cheryl Riesenfeld acquire Dennis Denson’s printing business, Print Central, in Fort Worth, TX, through the MatchMaker Program. The Riesenfelds are currently working with Allegra Network to convert the business into an Allegra Marketing · Print · Mail center.

“There isn’t a better feeling than to leave corporate life and become my own boss,” said George. “The MatchMaker Program is a wonderful way to become an entrepreneur and the former owners have been extremely helpful during the transition.”

George recently took over the $3.2 million print shop to fulfill his lifelong dream of establishing his own business. With a successful corporate career in manufacturing food and pharmaceutical ingredients, George will combine his expertise in business management, sales and marketing, and production with the ongoing support of Allegra Network to continue to grow his business.

“Allegra Network helped me successfully identify my ideal business and location,” said George. “They assisted me in establishing communication with owners interested in exiting the industry, and guided me through the acquisition process. Now that I’m a franchise owner, I am excited to continue growing my operation through the acquisition of additional print or marketing shops in the area through Allegra Network’s Acquisition Program, as well as through the company’s turn-key marketing programs.”

Through the company’s unique MatchMaker program, Allegra helps new franchise members find and purchase a qualified graphic communications business, councils them on necessary upgrades, teaches them how to manage the location, and provides them with ongoing operational, marketing, technical and field support to help take their business to the next level.

“As more executives and business professionals find themselves seeking new career paths in today’s economy, many seek the benefits of entrepreneurship, but may not want to build the business from scratch, “ said Phil LeBlanc, vice president of franchise development for Allegra Network. “Our MatchMaker Program fulfills both needs because it allows them to purchase an existing business with an established client base, equipment and trained staff already in place.”

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