Air Motion Systems to Unveil High-Power LED UV

Air Motion Systems' PEAK LED-UV product series

“A problem with current LED UV devices is that they are optically limited to very close curing distances to the substrate in order to achieve maximum power and uniformity.” comments Hans Ulland, Vice President of Sales for AMS. “Our PEAK LED-UV modules were designed for flexible positioning in any type of machine without significant loss of intensity, uniformity or curing power.”

“Ink and coating formulators are rapidly developing a new breed of LED-based UV chemistries that offer an engineered match to the precision wavelengths produced by LEDs,” adds Metcalf. “For this reason, the PEAK LED-UV modules were also designed to accommodate multiple wavelengths to facilitate optimization of the curing process.”

The first production PEAK LED-UV units will be available for delivery immediately following the show. AMS (booth 3053) will offer demonstrations of the technology at PRINT 09 in Chicago. For additional information or to make further inquiries, visit or call (715) 425-5600.

Air Motion Systems
Based near Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Air Motion Systems ( is one of the world’s leading providers of UV curing technology to the graphic arts industry. AMS has long been a pioneer in the development of new UV technology, and its award-winning P3 UV system is now the leading arc lamp UV system for the printing industry in North America, with numerous successful installations on a wide array of machines. AMS also maintains relationships with a number of original equipment manufacturers in the industry to ensure optimal integration of its equipment.

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