Agfa Graphics’ Jeti Prints Interior Decoration for New Toyota Yaris Trend 2013

The interior dashboard of the new Toyota Yaris Trend was produced using a Jeti large-format printer from Agfa Graphics, along with Agfa's unique UV ink composition on leather-look material.

Here is a view of the interior side of the new Toyota Yaris Trend using the Agfa Graphics Jeti large-format printer, and Agfa Graphics' unique ink composition.

Agfa Graphics' Jeti large-format printing technology, and Agfa Graphics' unique ink composition, was used to produce the interior of the Toyota Yaris Trend.

MORTSEL, BELGIUM—May 24, 2013—With its exterior styling elements and new interior finishes, textures and colors, the new Toyota Yaris Trend is aimed at younger design-conscious drivers. The car has a very distinctive look and the interior design creates a clean style with plenty of visual impact. The upper seat back bolsters and headrests are finished in a new, pearl white leather-look material and the headrests (front and rear) have the deco line surface finishing printed with UV inkjet. The dashboard itself matches the exterior body work and the printed trim elements reflect the design theme of the outside to achieve greater visual appeal.

Industrial applications with UV inkjet are very new to the automotive industry. Agfa Graphics’ Jeti large-format printing technology, and Agfa Graphics’ unique ink composition, allow for the reproduction of both dashboard and seat decoration using UV inks on leather-look material.

Automotive decoration is one example where inkjet ‘printing’ technology is being used in industrial environments, away from the traditional graphic arts printing industry. Offering UV inks with printing and integration knowledge, Agfa Graphics meanwhile has become a major supplier of technology to a wide spread of applications in this segment of industrial printing.

Source: Agfa.

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