Agfa Graphic Systems Eyes Reorganization

* Agfa recently launched Apogee Series2, a newly enhanced version of its Apogee PDF-based production system. Apogee Series2 includes new versions of the original Apogee Pilot, PDF RIP and Apogee PrintDrive system components, and adds a fourth component—Apogee Create, that makes reliable PDF digital masters, enabling content creators to collaborate more efficiently with production shops. The new system introduces a page-based workflow specially designed for the needs of magazine and catalog production and uses the latest Extreme technology from Adobe.

* Agfa’s new polyester plate—Setprint Plus, a positive working plate designed for exposure in 633nm to 670nm imagesetting devices.

* On the Chromapress side of Agfa, the company has announced the pending release of Version 2.1 of Personalizer-X QuarkXTension software for variable data printing. Personalizer-X 2.1 has been written as a native QuarkXPress 4.0 XTension for full compatibility and efficiency. Its new features include on-line charting with full support for placing variable content in Microsoft Excel charts, conditional input with utilization of ‘if-then-else’ statements, scriptable automation for greater productivity and real-time previewing of variable documents before printing.

By Marie Ranoia Alonso

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