Agfa Debuts New CtP System for Small/Mid-Size Newspapers

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ—April 2, 2009—Agfa Graphics announced today that the Advantage N-SL, its newest CtP system for newspapers will make its North American debut at America East, April 6-8, 2009.

The third generation Advantage N-SL builds on the success of previous generations while offering increased affordability, reliability and ease of use. The Advantage N-SL can image up to 100 plates per hour with automatic plate loading from a 100-plate stack loader and on-line processing. It is designed to handle both Agfa Graphics’ current N91-V and the new chemistry-free N92-VCF plate. With its unique violet laser imaging system, the Advantage N-SL provides speed and reliability for small to mid-size newspaper and coldset web printers.

In the U.S., Swift Communications received the first of the Advantage N-SL systems and will be installing another at its Grass Valley, CA. facility.

“Smaller newspapers are in a unique position these days. While the larger newspapers are seeing their print editions lose readership to the Internet, smaller local newspapers have content and information unique to them, and as such both their websites and print products are not only co-existing, they are thriving,” said Jim Hemig, CIO, Swift Communications. “People still read newspapers, if the content is important, helpful and relevant to them. Agfa has found a way for the smaller and mid-size papers to benefit from a better return on their investment.”

Today, Swift Communications owns and operates more than 30 newspapers and portal web sites. To date they have purchased and installed eight Agfa Graphics’ platesetters with all locations using Agfa’s :Arkitex Workflow and :N91-V plates.

“The Advantage N-SL is a total solution in a small footprint offering best total cost of ownership for small to mid-size newspapers,” said Sheila Nysko, Agfa’s business development manager, North America, Newspaper Systems. “Agfa’s economical and high quality solutions, including the Advantage N-SL, Arkitex Essentials Workflow, and Violet Chem-free digital plates help publishers provide their loyal readers with the content and quality they enjoy and expect.”

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