Liquid Toner Prints Cause Significant Damage in German Paper Mill

Liquid Toner Prints to Be Avoided

As a consequence, liquid toner prints should be avoided in recovered paper for deinking and directed towards corrugated board production only. In other mills where less effort is used to produce e. g. newsprint, a comparable load of recovered paper could have lead to even more intense quality problems.

Dirt specks also have to be avoided in tissue mills. INGEDE and its members now advise recovered paper merchants, to collect liquid toner overprint separately from other graphic papers and direct it toward the production of corrugated board.

INGEDE is an association of leading European paper manufacturers founded in 1989. INGEDE aims at promoting utilization of recovered graphic paper (newsprint, magazines and office paper) and improving the conditions for an extended use of recovered paper for the production of graphic and hygiene papers.

* Deinking is the removal of printing ink from the recovered paper during the paper recycling process.