Obama Camp Taking Printer to Tool Shed –Cagle

Pro Printing staff paint the grass in front of shop purple to support a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

President Obama is roughing up a member of the printing industry. While it’s not going to cost him the 2012 election—in what some perceive as the lack of a viable GOP candidate—it’s certainly a minor blemish at an inopportune time. And Obama really has little, if anything, to do with the incident in question.

It was Obama’s re-election campaign that decided to sue a printer (Washington Promotions & Printing) back in October. The campaign alleges trademark infringement and unfair competition violations via the sale of items featuring the “Rising Sun” logo used in Obama’s campaigns, Reuters reported.

The suit contends that Washington Promotions & Printing’s products will make consumers believe the company is associated with Obama for America, hurting the campaign’s ability to make money off of merchandise with the Rising Sun logo. Obama for America is seeking a court order to halt the sale of the products, along with an accounting and award of profits from the defendant, damages and attorney fees.

Without knowing any details surrounding the case, the campaign has every right to protect its logos. And, perhaps it tried sending a cease and desist letter to Washington Promotions & Printing. But, even if these assumptions are correct, nothing positive can come from one of the country’s most powerful marketing machines taking a small-time printing and promotional products firm to the tool shed, in full view of the industry.

Our Website recorded an abnormally high number of page views for the story, and several readers posted their general disgust with the Obama campaign in the comments section. It predictably served as fuel to the conservative fire, since many business owners tend to be Republicans. Partisan politics may be coloring the reactions a deeper shade of (anger) red, but it is unlikely that the lawsuit would sway any undecided voters.