Erik Cagle Bits and Pieces: Printer Hosts Stanley Cup

Employees of Chromatic Inc. take a moment to celebrate the arrival of the NHL’s Stanley Cup.
By Erik Cagle

“The guys in the communications department were in charge of handling the date book for the trophy, and the demand was pretty crazy,” Salata recalls. “It’s like a human celebrity. The Cup made its rounds (last) June and July (after the Kings won), then it started going around the world to where the players lived. I asked again in August, but they said it would be tough.”

The Kings kept Salata on the waiting list with the scores of other firms, VIPs and other entities doing business with the team and the league who wanted to spend a little time with Stanley. Finally, in January—right around the time the NHL and its players resolved a months-long lockout—Salata heard from his friend with the Kings.

“I got an unexpected text from my client/friend, and he asked if I was going to be at work the next day,” he recalls. “He said the Cup was available to come to Chromatic at 8:30 a.m.”

Salata quickly e-mailed the staff and told them to keep it under wraps for obvious reasons. Several employees brought their children to work. The calendar may have read Jan. 14, but to see their faces, it was as if Santa Claus himself had popped in to greet everyone.

“The idea behind bringing it here was for the employees to see something tangible for all the hard work they do, and boy, it was beyond what I dreamed it would be,” Salata says. “Our people really got into it. They were awe struck.”

Salata didn’t get a chance to hoist the Stanley Cup—that type of activity is frowned upon by the NHL. He was just as caught up in the grandeur and spectacle as everyone else.

“No other sport has respect for the prize like they do,” Salata remarks. “When hockey players are on TV, they don’t talk about the money; they talk about wanting to win the Cup. It’s pretty cool.”

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