4over4.com Retains, Expands Its Base of Operations in New York City

NEW YORK—Jan. 26, 2011—Online printing company 4over4.com has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining production facilities in New York state with its recent expansion into a 40,000-square-foot production facility in New York City. Management remains firm in its decision to keep the company’s high-quality, green printing services in the state, along with the jobs of its many staff members.

“4over4.com started in New York, and has enjoyed many successes here. We have fantastic relationships with our clients and our staff. We want to be in New York, it’s our home town, and of course we have many people working here whose jobs are obviously important to them and to their families,” said Taso Pangiotopoulos, a principal of 4over4.com.

The printing services industry has become very competitive and the cost of operating a printing firm is significantly impacted by geographic location, as with most manufacturing operations. The cost of space is a very significant factor, and with real estate purchase and rental rates in New York City at multiples of what it costs in other parts of the country, a compelling argument can be made as to why it makes sense to relocate. In addition, if you add to that the incentives from other municipalities, the case for relocation mounts. Still 4over4’s commitment to operating in New York City has so far outweighed all of these compelling factors.

“We are happy to keep our green printing services and jobs here in New York. There were some programs that we managed to participate in that offered some help to us a manufacturing firm, which we are grateful for, as anything at all is helpful. Of course they were small in comparison to what was available through other municipalities if we were to relocate to another part of the country. We decided to stay in any case.” explained Panagiotopoulos.