4Over4.com Launches GreenTeam Charitable Fund-Raising Program

NEW YORK—Dec. 28, 2010—Since its inception in 1999, 4Over4.com has shown a strong concern for the environment. A new green initiative by the company, GreenTeam, is expected to be its largest coordinated effort yet to solve environmental problems.

“We have enjoyed many successes in our efforts to give back to the environment from which we take. And now, with GreenTeam, our new charitable partnership program, we are going to be able to give back on a much larger scale to the environment, and we can only achieve this with the support of our friends in charitable and non-profit organizations focused on the Environment, Conservation and Sustainability,” said Taso Panagitopoulos, 4Over4.com.

“We are trying to raise funds for charitable organizations focused on the environment and conservation by offering special discounts on our green printing services. So in effect, GreenTeam is an all-green collaborative effort between 4Over4.com and our friends in environmental conservation to raise funds to promote activities that will help save the environment.”

4Over4.com’s eco-friendly green printing efforts include: the use of green materials and processes to minimize the production of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment and human health, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); the use of vegetable-oil based, water-soluble washes for cleaning presses, which are free from VOC-producing petroleum solvents and can reduce VOCs by up to 90 percent; and the use of color management practices and ink-key preset automation, which reduces press makeready times up to 70 percent, thus reducing paper waste, ink usage and VOCs.

4Over4.com also has a 100 percent recycling policy on all wood, metal and paper waste—described by Panagitopoulos as “…saving thousands of trees each year, and millions of kilowatts of electricity and gallons of water—a big plus for conservation.”

4Over4.com does its printing on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers, and purchases goods only from suppliers who have demonstrated their commitment to environmentally friendly business practices.

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