BINDERY matters

Pictured are operations manager Randy Sutton (left) and printed literature manager Jason Burgess reviewing a piece produced on 3C Packaging’s Vijuk MV-11 outsert system.

From the left, Aaron Thomas & Associates owner Fred Thomas and his cutter operators stand with the new Polar 137 XT.

Triple Knife System Solves Need for Larger Outserts

CLAYTON, NC—3C Packaging, a producer of folding cartons, unit dose packaging, and printed inserts and outserts, recently upgraded its outsert machinery to a Vijuk MV-11 triple knife outsert system by adding to it a newly designed knife-unit.

According to 3C Packaging President and CEO Joe Elphick, the company purchased its Vijuk MV-11 after a customer, while planning a pharmaceutical product launch, wanted larger outserts in order to fit in all of the required information rather than having to use piggy-back outserts, for both cost savings and packaging reasons.

“Once the machine was installed, we pushed the button and it folded the outserts the way (Joe) Vijuk said it would—with 210 panels and very compact in size. Our customer is pleased, and we’re excited to be a part of the product launch,” says Elphick.

After Fire, Cutter Creates New Beginning

CHATSWORTH, CA—Aaron Thomas & Associates, a $17 million political direct mail printing agency, recently installed a Heidelberg Polar 137 XT programmable paper cutter. It was the first piece of new equipment acquired after a fire completely destroyed its facility here last November.

The fire had forced the operation into temporary quarters, which resulted in a series of temporary layoffs. However, the company survived as a printing brokerage until arrangements could be made to restore its production capability.

“It was the cutter that got us back in business,” says owner Fred Thomas. “We instantly gained more control and a huge boost to our morale with that installation.” A second Polar cutter is also on order, along with a two-color Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46 press.

Quick Cuts

A 24˝ Rollem single-head ETR for perforating sheets is now in use at Clearwater Graphics, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

The Standard Group, Lititz, PA, has purchased two automatic punches from Spiel Associates: a Sterling Digipunch and a Sterling Punchmaster.

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