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In our latest addition of "Names You Should Know," we celebrate the contributions of Gina Testa, vice president of marketing and business development for the US Graphic Communications Operation at Xerox!

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  • Absolutely Brilliant… I love the format… More importantly, Gina is a mentor and phenomenal role model. I personally have learnt so much from Gina and we are lucky to have such a powerful leader in the industry,

  • Frank D Steenburgh

    I had the opportunity for many years to work with Gina. Gina is a great Marketer and has been a major contributor to Xerox’s success over the years. She is brilliant with customers, possessing outstanding interpersonal skills. She always delivers her business objectives. Gina is a great leader. I am honored to be a business associate and friend of this gifted person!

  • Sydney Willis

    Gina played a large role in my company’s decision to buy an iGen in 2003. Now 13 years later, I am an iGen Production Color rep with the Xerox organization. I can confidently say that her passion for the industry, our clients, and business development has helped shape my career and my approach to my clients today. Gina is truly an inspiration.

  • Chris Inzinga

    Gina is an outstanding leader driven by a Customer First attitude and truly knows how to motivate, mentor and create business. I had the privilege of working for Gina in two very different parts of Xerox business- services and technology. She always grew the business and makes anyone who comes in contact with her feel like they could conquer the world. This spotlight is awesome! Gina is one of a kind and deserves only high accolades and praise. Thank you for being YOU and for everything that you do!

  • Bob Wagner

    Congratulations, Gina! Hard earned and well deserved. So proud to be your colleague and friend. Some of our best days and good times were those out ‘n about helping our great customers around the globe profit and grow with digital printing. You’re one-of-a-kind–and a name we all know!

  • Susan Brasser Perrill

    Congratulations Gina, Great Article and well deserved. You got me started on my career 30 years ago, great mentor and leader! Well done.

  • Joe Rickard

    Nicely done. Gina has been a leading champion in our industry for digital production printing for a long time. I have thoroughly enjoyed observing her many engagements in helping print providers to innovate and develop new business models in the graphic communications market. She is a leader and I consider her a good friend.

  • Andraes Weber

    Gina is not only Gina. She is a GENIUS. Smart. Talented. Clever. Amazing. Charming… (never ending list). At drupa 2000 it was a great honour and pleasure to got introduced by our common good friend Bob Wagner. So we had the chance to share ideas and our experience to help the digital printing community to make big progress. It was always a pleasure working and talking with Gina. BTW: She has a great sense of humour which is always important to motivate people and to reach common targets. Gina: To be honest, I will be your fan and supporter forever!