Tony LaManna

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2011 InterACT! Virtual Conference & Expo.

A unique concept and design were used to draw attention to the Rewards Plus program for Cox Cable. The award-winning campaign recorded an astounding 42.3 percent response.

Both a PURL and dimensional mailer were used to get attention, and even a QR code was used to bring the target to a personalized landing page.  Emails were also sent as part of the successful integrative campaign.

Here's what attendees can expect to learn:
- What kind of creative and format was used to showcase both the PURL and the QR code
- How campaign timing was used between landing date of mail piece and subsequent emails
- How landing pages were personalized in order to gather contact information
- Surveys were also incorporated into the multiple landing page design
- Back-end measurement and results are revealed to not only to show the outstanding ROI, but the power of reporting

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