Taylor Blackwell

When looking to fulfill customer demands for short-run, on-demand printing, most commercial, label and package printers automatically look to digital cutsheet printing presses as the output device of choice. But, with sellable quality in as little as 10 sheets and makeready times in as little as six minutes, a Heidelberg Anicolor sheetfed offset press can actually be far more cost-effective for full-color static job runs of 250 to 5,000 sheets, according the PIA's PrintAs Cost Calculator. And, the U.S. availability of the new 23x29" XL 75 Anicolor digital offset press creates new cost metrics and crossover-point paradigms between offset and digital 4-up, short-run printing.

In this free 60-minute webinar, you will:

- Hear from commercial and package printers who are successfully using Anicolor offset printing technology on a daily basis to fulfill their customers' high-quality, short-run printing needs.
- Learn about the cost advantages and product applications that an Anicolor offset press provides over a digital output device, such as no click charges, wide substrate flexibility, waste minimization, the reproduction of PMS spot colors, coating capabilities, and more.
- Rethink conventional industry myths that offset technology can't be highly competitive to digital output for short-run printing.

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In the midst of an extended economic downturn, longtime owners of Heidelberg’s peak-performance Speedmaster XL 105 can point to the real-world benefits of access to the fastest speeds and highest level of automation available in sheetfed offset printing.

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