Stephanie Pieruccini

Two thirds of print providers rate workflow automation as an important priority for their business. Yet, critical bottlenecks persist across the entire print production workflow. Everyday tasks like preflighting, job submission, and proofing and approval continue to add time, manual touches and cost to production processes.

With more and more print buying shifting online, driving higher volumes of short-run work, there's never been a greater need for workflow automation-to streamline labor-intensive processes, maximize the return of existing assets, and reduce production costs for both digital and conventionally printed jobs. Attend this webinar to learn:

- Top 10 reasons why workflow is a top investment priority for the future
- What you should expect from your workflow investment
- Recommendations for investing in tomorrow's workflow

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This is the second in the three-part "Managing Color with Confidence" webinar series.

Automated color management enables you to minimize the time and effort spent on manual tasks, such as taking color measurements and editing files in pre-press, while achieving accurate and consistent results. As run lengths decrease, reducing setup time is more important than ever, making reliable color a valuable asset. In this webinar, users will explore easy-to-use end-to-end tools that can be combined with digital press solutions to optimize productivity.

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Success in any business starts with a clear vision, strategy, and direction for the company. Firms that are experiencing the best results are those that understand their customer base and have developed a full service approach....from strategy to delivery of business communications in print or electronic form.  They have developed unique solutions that are focused on specific target markets.  In this webinar, you will hear from successful print/marketing services providers that are differentiating their businesses in the eyes of their customers by becoming that "one stop shop" for all the clients communications needs.  Participants will share:

- Solutions and offerings that differentiate their business
- Their approach to being a "one stop shop"
- How they re-tooled their business to be a full service provider
- Business impact associated with a full service approach

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