Richard Lowe

Don Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of Franchise Services, Inc., recently announced a restructuring of the company's executive management team to more effectively lead its print management group of franchise brands, which include Sir Speedy, PIP, Signal Graphics, Copies Now and MultiCopy. The changes were designed to better position the company to manage the growing brands and their expanding suite of printing and marketing services.

Pearl Pressman Liberty Celebrates Centennial PHILADELPHIA—Pearl Pressman Liberty Communications Group (PPLCG) appropriately chose The Franklin Institute as a backdrop to host its 100th anniversary celebration, which was attended by dozens of long-time employees and customers. The event featured a traditional birthday cake, an oversized card for attendees to sign and even a special appearance by Ben Franklin himself. Terry Remaly, plant manager at Hopkins Printing, Columbus, OH, was honored with the “Craftsman of the Year” award by The Columbus Club of Printing House Craftsmen. In his 20 years at Hopkins Printing, Remaly has held positions as pressman, pressroom supervisor and his current position as plant manager. The

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