Raymond A. Frick

The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation's Society of Fellows has inducted Lisle T. Caldwell, Gerald A. Henseler, Lawrence M. Miller and Murray I. Suthons. The GATF society honors industry leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the progress of GATF, PIA and PGSF. Caldwell served as GATF pressroom manager during the foundation's move from Chicago to Pittsburgh in 1965. He also developed the GATF sheetfed operating workshop in 1969 and designed the first GATF test form. Henseler is presently executive vice president and CFO with Banta Corp. He has served as GATF secretary, treasurer, vice-chair and chairman. Miller is currently corporate vice president for sales

Chicago—Pressroom personnel and suppliers from across the United States, and as far away as Germany and Switzerland, gathered here recently at the 25th annual R&E Council Pressroom Conference to hear the latest news about technologies affecting the pressroom. Hosted by the Research & Engineering Council of the Graphic Arts Industry, this 25th in the series of annual meetings focused on improving productivity in the pressroom. Among the technical topics discussed at the meeting were soft proofing, closed-loop color control, and coating and curing. In addition, a significant portion of the meeting was devoted to personnel recruitment, retention and management issues, and to

BY ERIK CAGLE Every time there was an executive meeting at Lehigh Press and the topic of direct mail came up, Ray Frick's name invariably would follow. And why not? Frick had constructed a direct mail empire at two very high-profile commercial printing giants, Banta and Quebecor, taking both companies to the top spot in the market. Bill Love, chief financial officer at Lehigh Press, remembers Frick's name being bandied about during those executive meetings, and the theme of the discussions wasn't how to best the man or imitate him. Lehigh Press wanted Frick, and in May of 1998, they got their man.

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