Ray Roper

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Who will be the single CEO of the Printing Industries of America and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation when Ray Roper retires? The consolidation of two of the commercial printing industry's most prominent association concludes with the naming of a single person to represent the organization as its CEO. The organizations announced their consolidation in 1999. "A smooth consolidation of GATF and PIA has been one of my highest priorities since the process was initiated," says Ray Roper, outgoing PIA president. "With the outstanding support and guidance from leaders of the industry, we are in the final stages. It is now time for one

GENTLE READER: I can only say that if you're getting sick and tired of my naysaying of the printing industry, think about how I feel. I look back on my Printing Impressions columns over the last few years, and I realize that you could easily get the idea that there's nothing I'd like better than to see the printing industry disappear. I keep harping about the industry's failure to get with the program: to recognize the changes that are taking place in the way that media is proffered in our society. I keep harping about the economic challenges that the printing industry faces and, I

BOCA RATON, FL—The recent PIA/GATF Graphic Arts Industry Summit drew 225 paid attendees to hear merger and acquisition strategies and case studies, and to honor industry leaders. Though the conference theme of "Buy, Sell, Merge, Grow" was directed toward the attendees, Ray Roper, PIA's president, and George Ryan, GATF's president, were paying close attention and taking their own notes. The consolidation of their organizations continues. Formal discussions were begun last November by the management and boards of both the PIA and GATF. The two organizations may join together, but the term "merger" is inappropriate. GATF is classified as a 501-C-3 educational foundation, and PIA

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