In a recent global survey carried out by The Print Coach, 78% of printers said sales was their number 1 issue. These same printers said that profit margins were their second biggest worry. This webinar will reveal a practical approach to structure your sales so you get more sales and keep your prices up.  

Here's what you'll get...

* Print Shift: The 5 major shifts happening in the print industry in 2011. You need to know and plan for all 5... so you don't get blindsided in the months to come.  

* The Complete Selling Framework: There are 4 processes you have to include in your sales plan if you want more customers at better margins. Miss one and it's like missing a wheel on your car... it just stops working well.  

* The Sales Foundation: Everything you do is your sales and marketing is built on this foundation. There are 2 massive blocks you have to put in first before you can build your selling framework. Without either one... your sales team is destined to haggle and discount like stall holders pitching for business.  

* Conversion Context: A simple and practical action you can use immediately to convert more of your estimates to actual orders.  

* Chessboard Selling: If you are looking for new sales... this strategy will help. It doesn't work all the time... but will work more that 50% of the times you use it.

* Attract Ideal Clients: This one insight can increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts by as much as 16 times.  Sounds completely unbelievable... until you see the numbers.  

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Like it or not, change is the new normal in the graphic communications industry. Whether your organization is large or small, the challenges are the same:

* cut costs,
* manage risk,
* realize profits, and
* maintain customer loyalty.

The ability to drive revenues depends on staying relevant to your customers. That takes having the expertise and solutions ready to meet their evolving marketing and communication needs.

Hear how print service providers from both ends of the business spectrum have found success within a common competitive landscape by being innovative in uniquely different ways.

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Creating a commission structure that motivates salespeople is not easy. If you don't pay enough you run the risk of them leaving... with their accounts. Pay them too much and they stay... but don't sell enough.

You need a compensation plan that motivates your team to sell more and do it at higher profit margins.

Here's what you'll discover in this free webinar...
* The 4 core activities that drive outstanding sales performance. Sales people must spend the majority of their time on these activities if they want to hit - or exceed - target. Your compensation plan must make that clear.
* The most important thing you must do... BEFORE you create a compensation package. It's called 'Sales Job Design' and only a very few companies do it
* The correct way to configure sales territories. There are 5 main options you can select from.
* The correct way to allocate quotas for the year. You'll also learn how to set targets so that 30% of the team underperform. Sound weird? Tune in to find out why it makes sense.
* Why you should have a maximum of 3 measures that you use to calculate commissions. You'll also discover how to split the percentage of commissions across each measure.
* Why you must have a threshold before you start paying commission and why you must avoid having caps... they are a killer for high performing salespeople.
* How to use hurdles and multipliers to drive sales performance through the roof. A nifty trick that works like a dream.
* And a whole lot more...

Attend this webinar for the opportunity to get the complete set of tools that you need to implement everything! There is nothing for you to figure out. You just need to follow the step-by-step instructions... and you'll have a powerful commission plan in place in no time.     

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Selling print at a sustainable profit is the single biggest challenge facing the printing industry right now.  If you can't find good quality customers who value what you do and are willing to pay for it... surviving the recession will be difficult. 

This webinar will show you proven strategies to find, win, keep and grow the best customers in your market... despite the recession.  Here's some of what we'll cover:

* Where to find new customer and prospect lists.  You'll also learn how to win the business without cutting your prices to ridiculous levels. 
* How to find the most profitable customers in your market.  And I'll even show you how to steal them from the competition if you have to. 
* How to retain your existing clients... AND get them to spend more money.  This strategy works, even if you think you are already tapping into the full potential of the account.
* The best strategies for getting an audience with new customers.  If you've ever struggled to get an appointment with a new customer because they don't see your company as any different than your competition... this will really help you.   
* How to differentiate yourself from the competition... and generate better margins, even if you sell the same end product.
* How to market in a down economy when many companies are cutting back.  This is a major challenge right now and I'll show you how to finally deal with it. 
* How to approach customers from a value perspective, rather than from a price perspective.  If you are tired of trying to approach prospects who feel they can dictate prices because it's a buyers' market... this new approach will be good for both you

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ROCHESTER, NY—Oct. 23, 2008—Professionals attend trade shows f or a number of different reasons, including a desire to enhance their knowledge about technology and trends in their chosen fields. Graph Expo, taking place Oct. 26-29 at McC or mick Place in Chicago , offers a variety of free seminars open to all attendees. Kodak speakers are participating in several programs designed to educate and enlighten graphic communications professionals.

GREENWOOD, SC—Fuji Photo Film recently celebrated the startup of a new plate line for the production of digital computer-to-plate (CTP) pre-sensitized plates as part of a $100 million expansion at its North American manufacturing and research complex here. On hand for the festivities were hundreds of guests, suppliers, customers and company associates. The Greenwood facility will produce Fujifilm's Brillia line of digital plates, including the latest violet photopolymer plates for the newspaper market. The family of plates feature the company's proprietary MG-MultiGrain technology. "This new, highly productive line is designed to provide our customers throughout North, Central and South America with the widest range

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