The four newest members of The Print Council are industry veterans and dedicated professionals with a sincere passion for the business of print. Custom Data Imaging Corp., Alcom Printing Group, The P.A. Hutchinson Co. and Panaprint, Inc. understand the strength and power of print and the need to work together in educating the next generation.

All three new members of The Print Council, HBP Inc., Mossberg & Company, and The Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) have more than print in common. They understand that the ability to educate the newest generation of marketers is a necessity and believe The Print Council – a volunteer coalition that has been the leading advocacy group for print since 2003 – provides a valuable set of tools to do so.

The Print Council is stepping up its drive to unite print providers and media decision-makers behind the effectiveness of printing as a marketing, entertainment and educational medium. The accelerated effort is spearheaded by two new membership recruitment brochures produced by Council member Jet Inc., and a recently launched series of advertisements that were created by Council member NAK Marketing and Communications.

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