Michael Erying

Stretching every dollar will be the name of the game in 2012. The economy is forcing organizations to do more with less, and anything that looks remotely like "extra" spending will be eliminated. By combining direct mail efforts with regularly schedule transaction mailings, organizations can realize significant cost savings. Transaction documents are a repeat, personal customer touchpoint. Consider your bills, invoices, account statements, and notifications as regularly scheduled meetings with each of your customers. Statements attract attention. 95% of statements are open and read by consumers.

InfoTrends market research shows that consumers spend an average of 2 to 3 minutes reviewing their statements, with 20% spending more than 5 minutes! It is time for corporations of all sizes to leverage this customer touchpoint as an opportunity to enhance marketing, provide customer service information and educate clients on new products and services.  This webinar will focus on how companies are "putting statements to work".  It will:

1.Explore applications and business opportunities for leveraging transaction documents
2. Evaluate the underlying equipment and software technology
3. Discuss the ROI for clients
4. Review the selling process for expanding the value of the statement

Sponsored by Océ - A Canon Company

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