Malcolm Baldrige

WASHINGTON, DC—Vice President Dick Cheney and Commerce Secretary Don Evans honored three organizations recently, including Branch-Smith Printing of Fort Worth, TX, with the 2002 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. "With a focus on continuous improvement, the Baldrige Award-winning organizations have made excellence a part of their culture. The recipients represent the best of American organizations, and they are models for others to learn from and to emulate," said Secretary Evans at the awards ceremony. Branch-Smith Printing drew the attention of the awards committee after it experienced a 72 percent growth in sales over four years and held that gain in 2002, when the rest of the

by chris bauer Some might not give a printing company launched in 1910 by a man with no arms much of a chance to succeed. Yet that is just how Fort Worth, TX-based Branch-Smith Printing got its start—and the company continues to keep a strong hold on its loyal customers and its own rigorous standards of performance and quality. Branch-Smith founder Aaron Smith managed to do what some would call impossible—including writing and typing with his toes and starting a successful printing business.David BranchAlthough company founder Aaron Smith was born with no arms, he learned to write and type with his toes and worked

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