Kevin J. Clarke

World Color Press has signed a multi-year agreement to continue printing ESPN The Magazine into the next decade. ESPN The Magazine is a bi-weekly sports news magazine with a rate base circulation of more than 2 million and a total audience readership of more than 14 million.

SOFTENING SALES. Declining revenues. Cutbacks, layoffs, bankruptcies. Unfortunately, these are the buzz words for 2008—not only for printers, but for most manufacturing segments across the United States.

BUFFALO, NY—As the industry watches Quebecor World realign its operations, the process has become almost like a sweepstakes, with many plants around the country hoping to become the conglomerate's next "mega-facility." The most recent winner is the plant here, which will be expanded to produce mass-market paperback books, including AAA tour books, as well as newspaper inserts and coupon books. The 850,000-square-foot Buffalo facility is ISO 9002 certified and currently employs approximately 900 workers. Officials say the expansion will create more than 400 new jobs in the area. "This major expansion is part of Quebecor World's strategy to consolidate operations into larger and more specialized

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